Why use SIPS?

Here are the reasons you should use structural insulated panels for your next construction project:

  • SIPS panels are a certified¬†Green product
  • More energy efficient – 40% – 60% in energy reduction savings over stick built
  • SIPS offer a superior insulation envelope with low air infiltration = No Drafts!
  • Designed and engineered to meet all code requirements for snow, wind and seismic loads
  • Quick Construction to get dryed-in fast
  • Wire chases are already built in to panels
  • Panels are strong, light and easy to assemble
  • SIPS are versatile! They can be used for your roof, walls and floors
  • SIPS panels are fabricated to fit your design needs
  • SIPS panels meet both commercial and residential requirements
  • Code Compliant/3rd Party Inspection
  • Jumbo panels are available up to 8′ x 24′
  • Cost Effective/Great Value

    Structural Insulated Panels Energy Savings

Foam Figures for Energy Savings:

By way of comparison…

– A coffee sup that protects your fingers from 210 degrees Fahrenheit liquid has an 1/8 inch of foam.

– An ice chest that will hold ice for 5 days in 180 degree Fahrenheit weather has 1 inch of foam.

The SIPS wall and roof sections have from 3.5 inches to 12 inches of foam, providing super insulation from heat and cold!

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