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Offer your clients guaranteed quality and satisfaction when you work with SIPS Team USA on your next project. Structural insulated panels are a cost-efficient, green option for you and your clients. Our professionals have all the technical expertise needed to assist you in planning, design and construction of any residential or commercial project.

Environmental Information

  • EPS foam core has environmental advantages.
  • EPS foam core will not shrink, decay or produce hazardous or toxic gases.
  • Our EPS foam core does not support combustion.
  • Our EPS foam core contains no HCFCs or CFCs.
  • The glue we use to bond the panels together is a moisture cured urethane and contains no VOCs.
  • We recycle our materials where possible.
  • EPS foam core holds its “R” Value without loss.
  • The closed cell EPS foam core reduces air infiltration for a better environmental package.
  • Our EPS foam is moisture resistant.

Structural Strength and Structural Integrity

  • SIPS Team USA panels are made to a quality control standard that affords you a building which is plumb, level and exceptionally strong.
  • Engineered for wind loads to code requirements.
  • Multi-Level Buildings Up to 4 Stories
  • The SIPS panel assembly allows for a System which is structurally stronger, and straighter than conventional 2X construction.
  • The structural SIPS OSB outer skins afford the needed tensile and compressive strength for the structure and the EPS foam core provides the rigidity required.
  • Roof and wall panels are engineered for each project to meet wind, snow, live and dead loads as required by local codes.
  • SIPS Team USA manufactures panels in all sizes from 4 1/2″ to 12 1/4″ thick and up to 8′ X 24′ in size.

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