FAQ’s About SIPS Panels

What does SIP mean?

What is meant by structural insulated panels system?

Why should I consider using the SIP system for my new home?

What factors impact the environment?

What style of house can be built using SIPS?

Can you adapt SIPS to an existing floor plan?

What type of foam insulation is used in the panels?

Is the insulation value of the structural insulated panels better than stud walls filled with fiber glass batts?

Are there problems with moisture condensation?

How do foam core panels decrease this problem?

I am building in a wooded area. Could I have problems with carpenter ants?

Will EPS give off toxic gases in my home?

Do the adhesive in the OSB cause any health problems?

Is EPS foam a fire hazard?

In case of fire, does EPS foam give off toxic gases?

How are SIP panels installed?

How much do the panels weigh?

Will SIPS Team USA install panels for me?

How does a SIP house compare in cost to a conventionally built house?

Can SIP homes incorporate passive solar design?

Does passive solar design theory change for super-insulated houses?

Do SIP homes require special foundations?

What about interior walls?

How are windows and doors installed in foam core panels?

What kind of exterior finishes can be used?

What kind of roofing can I use?

How is electrical wiring installed in foam core walls?

What about plumbing?

What kind of heating system can I use?

Do I need to make special provisions for ventilation?