Using approved methods and materials, SIPS Team USA manufactures 8 foot by 24 foot panels which can be customized to the specific requirements of our customers.  Every set of panels is quality tested and 3rd party inspected during the manufacturing process. Our package price includes the cost of shipment to the jobsite, and we can engineer to any established wind and snow load.

Our typical SIPS project is “ready to install” once delivered. All required lumber has been installed and door and window areas have been cut out and framed. Screws and adhesives are included, along with three wire chases and shop/install drawings. We also include roof support via laminated veneer lumber (LVLs) on most structures.

Available Packages Include

Structural Insulated Panels

  • Panels can be any size up to 8 foot by 24 foot
  • Thickness from 2 to 10 inches
  • EPS foam core with OSB 7/16 skins
  • Panels can be used as walls, floors or roofs

Nail Base Panels

  • Sizes available from 4 foot by 8 foot to 4 foot by 12 foot, in all thicknesses
  • EPS foam core with one side covered with 7/16 OSB skin
  • Panels can be fastened to existing surfaces to add insulation
  • Provides base for wall or roof coverings

Non-Structural Curtain Wall Panels

  • All sizes

Custom Laminating of SIPS Panels


Panel Configurations

Blank Panels

  • Laminated Panels with Foam and Wood Flush on Sides

Panels with Foam Setbacks

  • Foam core is trimmed out on edges
  • Panel can then accept 2 inch lumber facing
  • Also necessary to set panel on sill plate

Panels with Cutouts

  • Door/Window opening cut out exactly to your design specs
  • Foam is then trimmed out and openings lined with solid lumber

Fabricated Panel Packages

  • Panels cut to size per design specs
  • Foam setbacks cut
  • Door/Window opening cut and lined
  • Splines for joining panels supplied or installed
  • Facia and endcaps installed
  • Wood supplied for top plates

Accessory Packages

  • SIPS screws for assembly
  • Glue/Caulk for assembly
  • Ridge Beam/Structural Lumber
  • Floor trusses for 1st and 2nd floors